Web 3D… a new approach toward global meet…

English: A screen shot from http://tubagames.n...

A game written in WebGL. © Wikipedia

WebGL is a new way to include 3D graphics into HTML.

The first version was released on March 3, 2011. WebGL is managed by the Khronos Group which is also responsible for OpenGL and COLLADA. The specification allows to create interactive 3D graphics within any compatible web browser. More information about the internal specification can you find on Wikipedia or on the Khronos website.

Currently there are many demos and applications available:

My personal favorite is WebGL Earth. Of course, it is not Google Earth or something like that but it is open source and shows the tip of the beautiful possibilities with WebGL. I also like the earth :)

All this is just the beginning. WebGL Earth and its counterparts impressively show what is possible with WebGL.

Besides, those who had been in 1990, have expected something like today? I think not.

The future of WebGL is rosy.

Falls on you, that everything is moving toward desktop, right?

Well, I am not a professional, but everything comes together.

English: A logo for the Epiphany Web Browser.

One click to the world. © Wikipedia

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