Crysis 3: An external status report

After some days without new material about the next-gen blockbuster game Crysis 3, Crytek has released a new interactive trailer yesterday. I want to give my own two cents and tell you more about the current state. I have nothing to do with the development and the company (Crytek), so it is an external status report, which consists of facts that are available on the Internet.

Interactive Trailer

(This video is from the Crysis YouTube channel)

The new interactive trailer is amazing. I went through every possible way and saw how different the game can be when you play as Rambo or as Splinter Cell. Of course it is not really that fun. It is only a video where you can click here and there and see what happened. Real interactive you know?

But I’m not such a stubborn. Of course the game is currently not finished. But what we can see is amazing. The demo level is “huge” (but not new) and you have many possibilities to play. I really liked the new hack method and the bow.

I really would like to play with the new bow. It is really something different from the old-fashioned guns.

Wii U

English: Illustration made in Inkscape by Toky...

Illustration made in Inkscape by Tokyoship. (Photo credit: Wikipedia [Tokyoship])

The “new” unreleased Wii U is for someone a really great game device and for someone only a PSPVita with bad graphic. Be what you want I do not care.

Crytek has revealed that it is working with Nintendo and hasn’t ruled out the possibility of making a Wii U version of Crysis 3. But there is no real official releases associated with the Wii U yet. So no one know what the next-gen console will be really capable to do. Who knows what the future will bring with it.

I’m looking forward. A mobile Crysis 3 is a great opportunity to play a good game in the bus while waiting in another rush hour again.

XBox 360 & PS 3

English: XBox 360 wired controller. Français :...

XBox 360 wired controller (Photo credit: Wikipedia [Asim18])

Yes, the very old XBox 360 and the PS 3 are still there. Of course a XBox 720 and a PS 4 are on their way, but about them later.

To make a next-gen game is of course something very difficult. But when your platform is an old tractor who works with Direct X 9 (not really but we don’t want to complicate this brief section) or something internal it is a work twice hard than before.

I think there are problems in the development process of Crysis 3. (Really: A development process without problems is not a new innovation only a bad copy) But this problems are really related to the CryEngine 3. And the engine is fully (or should be) independent from the game.

This problem should be fixed really fast. The CryEngine 3 shows his capability already with the Crysis 2, so there shouldn’t be many problems.

But of course Crysis 3 should look good at the consoles too and this is not only related to engine. Many in-game content and artwork must be fixed to look good on other platforms too.

XBox 720 & PS 4

I’m waiting and waiting and waiting. I really want a new XBox 720 (this is not the official name of course) or a PS 4. It is like a dream for many developers. You have more freedom, more power, more MEMORY!

I think Crysis 3 will use this freedom very well (if they make a release for them). But please don’t expect too much. It just need time to brought out the last drop of performance out of something like this. Even today the XBox 360 and PS 3 are able to display AAA games like Crysis 3, Uncharted and more. And this games are not really performance lightweights.

Maybe there will be a Crysis 3 on the next-gen consoles or maybe not. I’m looking forward.

Personal Computer

The king of the personal graphic renderer will be of course able to display Crysis 3 (or maybe not, but this is related to you).

The only thing I can say is, that I hope that there will be no compromises because an old tractor can’t handle this and that. I want a brilliant game, a game that will smash my eyes out of his holes.

The End

Yes, yet another unnecessary blog entry by me. Nothing really informative. But hey, you’ve read up to this point. And if you want to learn more, here are some links:

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