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Hi everyone!

I’m back, back from the jaws of school!
I finished school now and I’m really happy about it. I got my graduation and will study Computer Science hopefully at the University of Heidelberg soon.

This little blog entry (the last one is nearly a half-year ago) deals with the current situation of my blog and my current projects, especially my Pear3DEngine.

My blog

I did not maintain my blog until maybe March now and this means there is a lot of crap hiding here and there in my blog.

I just thought about if my blog really should contain that much of different content and I have decided that this blog will just contain entries about my projects. Nothing like quotes or short stories will be posted here anymore. Sadly I even stopped to produce short stories now :(

But there is one exception to that rule. I also have a novel project and I will post some content about that if there are some available.


Yeah, my projects. I even can count nearly 20 different projects I think :D

Of course, there is my Pear3DEngine. My love :) I sometimes work on it and often some of my other projects depend on that or they improve it in one way. One example is P3DSL, which is incorporated into Pear3DEngine now. I got good feedback about it and of course I will continue Pear3DEngine and P3DSL.

In the interim, there are also other projects:

  • a 2D game
  • my AI Behavior-Tree implementation called PearAI (which I will post a blog entry soon)
  • some little projects with my brother
  • my novel
  • an abstract machine architecture
  • security server (Nah, not really secure)
  • and more

I have so many projects just because I love to see so many different parts of Computer Science. Hopefully, I will finish one of them soon and will not jump to another one before I finish the last one. This is a real problem for me :/


School is over. I got my graduation. Will study Computer Science. Will continue Pear3DEngine and other projects.

Maybe I will still be busy in the next months, just because I start studying. This is something I never did before, so that will be exciting time :D

The End

Thanks for reading my blog entry. I hope I will be more active now!


Ömercan Yazici

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