Quick Tip: Virtual Box and his path problem…

Repost from my old blog.

Installation failed! Error: System can not find the path specified.

This error is not old, and the solution presented here is not new, yet I would like to introduce you to it, so you do not have to search through thousand google pages to find the right solution.

This solution works on Win7.

  1. Open “cmd”
  2. Extract the installation file with the following command. (Be sure to adapt to your own path)
    e.g: \Downloads\VirtualBox-4.1.8-75467-Win.exe -extract
  3. File will be automatically extracted to the following location:
  4. VirtualBox-4.1.8-r75467-MultiArch_amd64.msi” file is for 64-bit operating systems and the “VirtualBox-4.1.8-r75467-MultiArch_x86.msi” file for 32-bit operating systems. (Who would have thought it?)
  5. Now install the preferred file and you are done!

Have fun with virtual box!

In case of other VirtualBox versions, the instructions should be the same. (Not tested)

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