Pear3DEngine, web page, TGJ and five other games

Hi everybody! こんにちは!

This is now my own personal web page with my own integrated blog. I’m presenting all my own projects and other hopefully useful stuff here, be sure to look around! 

It’s been a long time since I posted something about me… now a “full” overview of my situation :)

My old blog at is now shut down (and saved). Some of the old posts will be uploaded here, some, especially short posts and status information, will not.

If you want to know something about the Pear3DEngine. I have one good and one bad message.
First the good one. Yes, nearly all old posts will be uploaded here.
The bad one. Pear3DEngine is dead. The project is stopped and, to be honest, I don’t think I will continue.
It’s just not possible for one developer to develop the level of features, for example, the new Unreal Engine or CryEngine offer. I like to write low-level graphic stuff, but now I will try to develop games rather than middleware.

That’s somehow a business decision. Middleware does not sell that much in a portfolio. I have to care about my business reputation now, due to the fact that I’m in the middle of my studies and the end is in reach, even while a huge mountain block the way.
Therefore, I need games to show people that I’m also capable of developing complete games.

That is where The Great Journey jumps in. TGJ is my own “big and heavy” game which I’m developing with parts of the Pear3DEngine and my other middleware. It’s a big project and a long one too. So don’t expect anything in the near future, except of course status information :)

But that’s not enough. To create a “good” business portfolio I need more games, so I will start to develop some little and compact ones, which are more related to a short Game Design process. I don’t want these games to be bad ones or rushed ones, therefore I started the one-year long project “Five Games – One Year”.
In a nutshell: I have to create five different games, with different genres, in one single year. They obviously should be fun to play, but do not have to be that big innovative, but should not be an exact copy of something existing either.
Great is, for example, a good old 3D arcade shooter with some cool features. I want to try to make all five games in 3D, just because TGJ is already a 2D game and it’s not bad to show people my own understanding of 3D.
These five games will use either the Unreal Engine or the CryEngine. The reason is simple, it’s a lot easier to work with production-tested software and it’s good to show business men/women that I’m also capable of using production-based engines.
I hope these five games will be successful in the sense of “they are complete and finished” :D

Now, in the end, I’m also working at the university as a Student Assistant and additionally do some really cool VR stuff. Oculus Rift is sure fun to play with :D

Hope you guys understand what kind of situation I am now and I hope you had fun reading this post :D
I appreciate any kind of feedback (even grammar related ones).

Hope to see you guys again!



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