GitHub transfer


after a long time of just student works, I transferred nearly all of my public repositories to GitHub.
You can find me here. All my public repositories are listed there as well :)

I hope I will be able to work on my hobby projects soon. It’s getting a bit boring only doing student tasks.




It’s been a long time since I wrote my last post…….. Much has changed.

I’m now a student at the University of Heidelberg. I’m studying Computer Science and do not know how much time I can now spend now on my blog. I do not think that I either spent that much time here, but I do not want to abandon my blog. I will write some post from time to time about my studies and everything else on my mind.

Sorry for the long time of nothing. Hope I invest more time in :/



Thank you all! …

Thank you all! I have surpassed the 1,000 mark of all time views. Many bloggers would laugh about it, but I want to thank you all. You have always encouraged me to publish new more or less good content! Thousand thanks!


Let’s go to the 10 000 mark!

Hello lovely world!


BLOG IDEAS (Photo credit: owenwbrown)

Welcome to my blog. He (or she?) is fresh and empty…

This blog will be about my projects, my ideas and more… Sun follow me, to miss nothing.