GitHub transfer


after a long time of just student works, I transferred nearly all of my public repositories to GitHub.
You can find me here. All my public repositories are listed there as well :)

I hope I will be able to work on my hobby projects soon. It’s getting a bit boring only doing student tasks.




It’s been a long time since I wrote my last post…….. Much has changed.

I’m now a student at the University of Heidelberg. I’m studying Computer Science and do not know how much time I can now spend now on my blog. I do not think that I either spent that much time here, but I do not want to abandon my blog. I will write some post from time to time about my studies and everything else on my mind.

Sorry for the long time of nothing. Hope I invest more time in :/



Hello lovely world!


BLOG IDEAS (Photo credit: owenwbrown)

Welcome to my blog. He (or she?) is fresh and empty…

This blog will be about my projects, my ideas and more… Sun follow me, to miss nothing.