C#, Unity and DataLisp

Hello there!

After experimenting with Qt and finite elements I started to play around with C# two months ago due to the Unity Engine. Many of my games need some kind of configuration files and I love my DataLisp implementation (and it does his job well), so I decided to implement the DataLisp standard (v.1) in C#. To be honest, it was really easy and the code got much lighter, due to the help of the .NET/Mono framework. If you want to take a look. I have a C# Repository on GitHub.

More Information about DataLisp and his C++ and C# implementation can you find in his own project page.

See ya!


Hi everybody!

Some updates about my current project. PearRay!

It’s yet another ray tracer with pure focus on spectral rendering and global illumination.
In the future I will post more information about the development process and the underlying principles and my own problems with it. Today some inside pics to the (broken) sampling procedure. Continue reading

GitHub transfer


after a long time of just student works, I transferred nearly all of my public repositories to GitHub.
You can find me here. All my public repositories are listed there as well :)

I hope I will be able to work on my hobby projects soon. It’s getting a bit boring only doing student tasks.