AtomPear is a experimental voxel-based animation framework with a simulation engine, Maya frontend and some other little tools.
The framework is designed to allow different types of interaction between different types of voxels.


  • Fluid simulation with density (Ice -> Water -> Steam)
  • Pressure distribution
  • Destructible environments


  • High simulation times
    Even with the use of CUDA it still needs a lot of time, therefore the engine is designed to make backed animations. I will try real-time later.
  • Arithmetic space stability
    Sometimes even double or long double have their limits.
  • Voxel to Mesh
    I could use the Marching Cubes algorithm, but I decided to handle animation data separate from mesh data, so you will be able to weight the animation (like with skeletons), but the algorithm is pretty unstable right now.


You can see that AtomPear is based on muscle animation, skeleton animation and particle animation. My big goal is to combine all of them together to achieve very good calculated environment interactions.

I’m sorry, but this project is in a very early stage so there are not even real screenshots let alone any public source codes.



The algorithm is based on a semi-stable harmonic oscillator with pre-defined connections. Below is some screenshots of the algorithm working. Be aware, that not all parameters are changing!

I’m using CUDA to compute fast. All ‘steps’ are independent of the other steps and can be reproduced!