DataLisp is a Lisp inspired modular and modable configuration scripting language.

At the moment, you can build the library for Windows and Linux with CMake.
Currently there is no tested support for MacOS X, but due to the non-use of external libraries, there should be no problems.

The API is available for C++ and Python.

C# port

If you need the a DataLisp implementation for C#. There is already a official maintained one! Done by me :)

The port does not have the in version 1.9 included expression statements ( everything beginning with “$(” ).


Below is a production based code example (which even includes ideas for v2.0) from the The Great Journey project. You can find the complete code example in the source code.

This code describes the environment settings and the path of the sun. DataLisp uses a target based entity system and let the user decide how to describe a lot of data.


C++ Build StatusC++ GitHub Repository

C# Build Status C# GitHub Repository