The Great Journey

The Great Journey is my own big personal project for building a game from scratch. It uses the DataLisp, the PearMath and the PearPic implementation and some code from the Pear3DEngine.


The game shows the player a gigantic world with its own vibrant population with which the player’s character can interact. The character can follow the procedurally generated story, or develop them creatively. The world is fully independent of the character, but the character is able to interfere and to change the worlds future development.

The player has the ability to jump into the world with other characters, but not at the same time.

Common Questions

What is the game?

The game is a 2D procedural role-playing game where you can play alone or together with other people on your own server.

Why create this game?

I want to achieve new ways of procedural storytelling and want to give the player an old style role playing game with newer and bigger features, compared to the good old games before, but with the same quality of action and strategy like League of Legends or DOTA.

Where does the game take place?

The whole game does take place in a fully procedural generated 2D world. The generated world has his own states, towns, dungeons, castles, airports, etc…

What do I control?

You control one character which is fully adjustable and earns “Character Points” to customize his own character properties. These “Character Points” can be used to gain new character achievements and features.

How many characters do I control?

In one world, you control one character at one time, but you can use the same world with other characters and therefore with another story-line. All storylines can interact with each other.

What is the main focus?

The main focus is different and depends on the storyline but does not contain any big goal you have to follow to succeed. The game just gives the player possible ways of doing and new ideas for his own imagination.

What’s different?

The game is fully procedural. Even the story. So, every new start, even a different approach to the story gives the story-line a new way. There is no equal world, even with the same seed and character.

Feature Set


  • Fully procedural
  • 2D graphics, with approximated 3D lightning
  • Different worlds and general world-biomes with different sizes.
  • 2D movement, build and crafting ability
  • Sandbox mode

Role Playing System

  • Experience and Level-System are based on “Character Points” CP.
  • No real level and experience maximum.
  • NPC and character strength/difficulty based on a tangential level.

Combat System

  • Complex system
  • Inspired by the League of Legends-Combat system, but with some additional features.
  • Magic, Attack and True-Damage(e.g. psycho attacks)
  • Armor, Magic Resistance, Hunger Resistance, Water Resistance and Health
  • Armor and Magic penetration
  • Life-steal, Magic-steal, Hunger-steal and Water-steal
  • Critical chance and damper
  • Items can change combat variables, but hold the changes beyond the combat itself, e.g. Water Resistance allows the character to move longer without the need of water.


  • Procedural generation based on adaptable predefined roles, constraints, and parameters.
  • Based on the character properties and the player experience against enemies.
  • Huge battles between several nations. Character is able to interfere.
  • Printable diary and journals to gather character experiences and the history.
  • Dialogs can be predefined.
  • General and independent character lore.


  • Server-Client Model
  • Able to play with or against your friends.
  • Strong enemy fixes just for the multiplayer.


  • Game is mod-able but it is your own responsibility when the game does not make fun anymore.

Screenshots (Development History)

More information soon.