The XPC (eXtended Personal Computer) is a personal and fun project of my to learn computer architecture. The architecture is based on x86 but just pure 64bits. In other words, there are no bytes, words or dwords. Only 64bit and bigger memory entries. Even the RAM is based upon 64bit.

The XPC specification is not just a CPU it is even an APU, so it has an internal graphic ‘massive’ parallel kernel architecture which you can even use for normal software.

Be aware that the XPC specification is just a theoretical idea. It is even not fully implemented by myself right now. You can use the XML Assembler to compile programs for the XPC and use the QT-based emulator to run them, but be aware that XPC is really slow right now and not useable for real workflow. You can also not build C or other real programming language software without a really big effort.

C and other languages are using one byte as the lowest memory space, XPC uses quadwords (64bits); so in reality no ‘existing’ program should work on the XPC architecture.

But maybe you like this funny application and want to try out something? Maybe want to write an operating system? Or an editor for XPC??

It is up to you! The source code is free and open source!

Source code coming soon!