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I’m Ömercan Yazici, a computer-science student from Germany. This web page provides information about me, my publications, my projects and my thoughts. Enjoy.

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Compile-Time Array Construction of Divisors (C++11)

Calculating the divisor of a number N is an easy task.  For example the divisors of the number [...]
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C#, Unity and DataLisp

Hello there! After experimenting with Qt and finite elements I started to play around with C# two[...]
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Hi everybody! Some updates about my current project. PearRay! It's yet another ray tracer with[...]
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GitHub transfer

Howdy, after a long time of just student works, I transferred nearly all of my public repositorie[...]
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Pear3DEngine, web page, TGJ and five other games

Hi everybody! こんにちは! This is now my own personal web page with my own integrated blog. I'm presen[...]

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